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Ladder of Inference

Posted on 29-Nov-2014 by K S Kumar

The concept of The Ladder of Inference is often used as a means to understand how people interpret culture or form an opinion. What exactly is the Ladder of Inference ? It describes how we make sequential interpretationsnfrom a set of observations, form beliefs, and then commit to take actions based on those beliefs. It is as if we rapidly climb up a mental ladder,drawing conclusions on our own, with little... Continue Reading

Decoding the hum at the workplace

Posted on 20-Jul-2014 by K S Kumar

Have you ever walked into an office and, without speaking with anyone, got a positive feeling or equally a feeling that something was not alright? Is it the pace with which people walk around? Is it the way people interact? Is it the smiles or lack of them? Is it the little sounds of laughter or the deep silence?  Most professionals with a reasonable sense of intuition can get a feel... Continue Reading