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Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies

Posted on 28-Apr-2015 by K S Kumar

Brief description of Fred Kiel's book taken from the HBR website. Seems an interesting read. PUBLICATION DATE: April 07, 2015 PRODUCT #: 16899E-KND-ENG Does the character of our leaders matter? You may think this question was answered long ago. Countless business authors and analysts have assured us that great leadership demands great character. Time and again, we've seen that truth play out, as once-thriving organizations falter and fail under the guidance... Continue Reading

Addressing Unconscious Bias - McKinsey - Geena Davis

Posted on 15-Feb-2015 by K S Kumar

Does lopsided male representation in media skew our perceptions? Geena Davis believes it does and that corporations have a critical role in driving change. Download the article under Diversity & Inclusion in the Downloads section. Open for registered members on www. humanresources.co.in Continue Reading

Fostering women leaders: A fitness test for your top team

Posted on 02-Feb-2015 by K S Kumar

McKinsey article Jan 2015 Posing five questions can help start a challenging management conversation. Article available for download for registered members in the Download section under Diversity & Inclusion. Continue Reading

Tom Peters on Leading the 21st Century Organization: Mc Kinsey Quarterly

Posted on 15-Oct-2014 by K S Kumar

Thirty years after leaving McKinsey, the prolific author returns to discuss tomorrow’s management challenges and the keys to organizational change and transformative leadership in any age. Follow the link to the article  http://www.humanresources.co.in/hr-downloads/Default.aspx You need to be a registered member to download the article   Continue Reading

Decoding the hum at the workplace

Posted on 20-Jul-2014 by K S Kumar

Have you ever walked into an office and, without speaking with anyone, got a positive feeling or equally a feeling that something was not alright? Is it the pace with which people walk around? Is it the way people interact? Is it the smiles or lack of them? Is it the little sounds of laughter or the deep silence?  Most professionals with a reasonable sense of intuition can get a feel... Continue Reading

Zig Ziglar : Build People Build Business

Posted on 10-Jul-2014 by K S Kumar